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Web Site Analytics Services

Daily visitor traffic analysis is an essential element to a Web site's long-term success. This means more than just viewing a standard web statistics page or referral log, although they play an important part. A successful Internet marketing strategy requires constant vigilance and research.

Analysis is done by going through the steps a typical visitor performs for each of the products and services you are optimized for. Comprehensive site logging keeps track of all notable tasks your visitors perform. We record which pages people are clicking on and from which search engines they come. Often times serious programming errors are overlooked during development but show up during analysis!

Traffic analysis allows you to:
  • identify user trends and visiting habits

  • identify which external links bring you the most visitors

  • identify which keywords/keyphrases bring you the most visitors

  • identify which search engines bring you the most visitors

  • identify which pages cause visitors to leave your site and not return

  • identify which pages successfully "convert" visitors

  • calculate ROI both campaign-wide and for specific keywords

  • Ultimately, the goal of all this is to learn which pages successfully "convert" your visitor, whether that means buying a product, requesting additional information, registering on your site, etc. Knowing which pages bring the best results allows you to focus your efforts on problem areas and increases overall site conversion.

    AllureHosting strongly recommends all SEO clients to be hosted on our servers to take advantage of our advanced site analytics methods, especially if you're looking for long-term results. We will not install our own proprietary software on foreign servers, even if exclusive root privileges are provided!

    Our search engine optimization services make up a complete Internet marketing solution. Clients can quickly calculate their costs per visitor and cost per "conversion" for every targeted keyword through natural searches as well as PPC programs. Results of your marketing campaign i.e. email newsletters, banners, purchased links, and direct mailings can be calculated provided that your web site is used as the vehicle to coordinate sales inquiry requests